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Hi, I'm Terry Baker, owner of Terry's Construction Equipment Rentals, specializing in JLG Lifts. Whether your interests are scissor lifts, boom lifts or other types of aerial lifts, I'm an expert. And after 20+ years years in the business, I've decided to put all of my knowledge in one place and create this web site. I'll break down types of lifts and try to give you enough information to match your needs with the correct lift. In addition to informative articles, I'll bring some cool photos to the site as well. So, enjoy your stay and please leave a comment. Thanks!

Types of Aerial Lifts

Aerial lifts are a type of material handling equipment most commonly used in construction and warehouses to carry out routine maintenance work in structures with a high ceiling and several other tasks that involve gaining access to high, out of reach areas. For instance, aerial lifts are used to repair overhead cables, telephone lines, paint buildings, clean windows and move heavy objects to shelves that are higher off the ground and a number of other uses.

There are several different types of aerial lifts, with each being better suited to different applications and situations

•Scissor Lifts – They are the most simple and basic type of aerial lifting equipment. This particular lift makes use of zigzag braces that extend and stretch in the upward direction. It consists of a platform where an individual or heavy material is placed and lifted to heights that are otherwise unreachable. It is called a scissor lift because when the platform extends, the criss-cross braces look like scissors that push the platform upward.

•Boom Lifts – Boom lift is another type of aerial lift that works on the idea of hydraulics and contains a mechanical arm that extends outward and raises the platform. The lift has a huge bucket at the end of the arm that consists of the controls which are used by the operator to raise, lower, tilt and rotate the arm. This elevation equipment is used when one needs to reach up or over obstructions.

•Telescopic Boom Lifts – These are boom lifts but with a considerably higher reach and are more commonly used in construction or situations where the reach of the equipment needs to be very high.

•Articulating Boom Lifts – The flexible arms of the articulating boom lift allow it to reach over and around barriers or obstructions enabling workers to move heavy objects over obstacles.

•Trailer Mounted Boom Lift – These are battery powered lifts that are mounted on top of vehicles and can easily be transported from one place to another.

•Vertical Personnel Lifts – The lift consists of a work platform that is attached to an aluminium pole that extends vertically and moves straight upward or downward. It is suitable for use in places where space is limited and the floor load is restricted.

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