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The Different Uses of a Cherry Picker

A cherry picker is a handling equipment that is used to elevate a person or a number of people to various heights in order to carry out certain tasks. It has a platform or stage where the individual stands in order to carry out work at a certain height which otherwise would have been out of reach. This is usually achieved with the help of an adjustable mechanical arm known as the boom. For the purpose of safety, one must always remember to securely harness themselves to the platform in case they lose balance or trip. The equipment works on the idea of hydraulics that hoists the platform straight up into the air.

These days, cherry pickers are designed in such a way that they are small enough to be mounted onto the back of a truck or a van and can easily be transported from one place to another.

Certain cherry pickers can be operated with the help of a single individual if the controls are set up on the platform whereas others require at least two individuals if the controls are located at ground height and not on the raised area.

Nowadays, cherry pickers have a variety of uses. The equipment is more commonly used in the construction, storage and warehousing industry, but they are also made use of to carry out maintenance or cleaning work.

Cherry pickers are very compact pieces of elevation equipment intended to fit into small places and can easily be manoeuvred and moved about in order to carry out the required work. Therefore, the only downside of a cherry picker is that the reach of the equipment is restricted and it may not be able to reach high enough. In order to gain access to greater heights, one will have to purchase a different kind of aerial lift or elevation equipment.

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