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Safety Instructions When Using a Boom Lift

The boom lift is an effective piece of material handling equipment and has been used for a number of years now. The boom lift has several varied uses these days and these include maintenance work such as cleaning windows, fixing billboards, repairing streetlights and installing overhead cables or anything that requires gaining access to areas that are out of reach. It is also made use of in crucial industries such as construction.

Operating a boom lift or an aerial lift and working at high elevations can be a dangerous job. However, by following boom lift safety guidelines, one can considerably reduce the risk of an unwarranted accident or mishap.

One must carry out a full inspection of the equipment prior to each and every use of an aerial or boom lift, even if the machine is used on a daily basis. If any issues are found during the inspection, the equipment must be marked as out of order until it can be fixed by a trained professional who is certified to carry out such repairs. Even though tagging the equipment as inoperable may interrupt and delay the work schedule, safety always comes first and it is crucial for one to follow safety protocols

Here are a few other safety tips that one should keep in mind when using the boom lift:
• Ensure that lift operators are trained by a qualified individual.
• Make sure that all of the aerial lift controls are clearly marked and easily visible so that operators are able to identify their functions.
• Inspect the area where the equipment will be made use of so that the lift can be positioned in such a way that it avoids any overhead obstructions.
• Always place the boom lift platform on a level ground for safe operation.
• Always abide by the instructions mentioned in the manual when operating the equipment.
• Be extra careful when working near power lines to avoid any accidents.
• Keep a fire extinguisher at hand when working in a potentially hazardous environment.

Even though these safety guidelines may seem like common sense, one should not neglect these protocols and make sure they are followed.

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