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Hi, I'm Terry Baker, owner of Terry's Construction Equipment Rentals, specializing in JLG Lifts. Whether your interests are scissor lifts, boom lifts or other types of aerial lifts, I'm an expert. And after 20+ years years in the business, I've decided to put all of my knowledge in one place and create this web site. I'll break down types of lifts and try to give you enough information to match your needs with the correct lift. In addition to informative articles, I'll bring some cool photos to the site as well. So, enjoy your stay and please leave a comment. Thanks!

Looking for a Scissor Lift? Here’s all you need to know!

Scissor lifts are generally manufactured with platforms of various sizes with a total load capacity that exceeds 2000 pounds. Furthermore, these platforms can be equipped with accessories such as attachable railings or a swing-in gate. Some products are even equipped with a platform that tilts, which facilitates the loading and unloading of goods and materials. If one is looking to purchase a scissor lift, they must choose carefully and decide on a company that is dependable and provides scissor elevation equipment of optimum quality.

There are a number of scissor lifts that are available for purchase on the market, but if one has a tight budget, they should consider buying a pre-owned scissor lift. These are also easily available and are considerably cheaper than brand new equipment. The internet is the best place to start looking for scissor lifts if one does not know where and how to start. Searching online is a great way to find a variety of different and low-priced scissor lifts for sale. Nowadays, with the increasing access to internet, a good piece of equipment is not very hard to find online. One should appropriately determine what model or type of scissor lift they want based on their needs and requirements. Brand new, used products or scissor lift rentals can be found easily at local equipment dealers or simply by means of a simple internet search.

Scissor lifts come in various shapes and sizes and some are even customized for special projects. There are certain models that possess the ability to flip or tilt. These machines have an upwards range of about 40 feet and there are two main types i.e. gas powered used in rough terrain and electric scissor lift.

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