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Everything You Need to Know About Boom Lifts

There are a number of different types of equipment that are used to perform various tasks when it comes to construction work. Gaining access to a higher place which is out of reach with the help of ropes and ladders can be very risky and can result in an accident. Therefore, in order to get work done at such an elevated height safely and easily, we need the help of a boom lift.

Aside from construction work, elevation is also required in other situations such as fire fighting, agriculture, repair, maintenance work, electrical work, painting buildings and installation work. In order to carry out detailed work at a construction site, workers are required to reach a certain height above the ground, a boom lift can provide them with this access with no difficulty and protect them at the same time. Nowadays, boom lifts are becoming increasingly popular due to all the benefits that it has to offer to consumers.

A boom lift is another type of aerial lift that works on the idea of hydraulics and contains a mechanical arm that extends outward and raises the platform. The lift has a huge bucket at the end of the arm that consists of the controls which are used by the operator to raise, lower, tilt and rotate the arm.

There are different types of boom lifts namely the telescopic boom lift, articulating boom lift and the trailer mounted boom lift and are available in electric or rough terrain variants. They are very convenient to transport from one place to another since they are attached to a mobile vehicle. This equipment can also be used to reach up and over obstructions and has an adjustable mast which allows the boom lift to reach the most favorable angle of work. These features make the boom lift an ideal choice for use in construction, repair and maintenance work.

It is essential to make sure that the boom lift operator understands and knows what they are doing because leaving the control of the equipment in the hands of an untrained individual may result in an accident or injury. Even though most boom lift platforms have rails that prevent workers from falling, poor handling of the equipment is not advisable under any circumstances, whatsoever.

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