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Hi, I'm Terry Baker, owner of Terry's Construction Equipment Rentals, specializing in JLG Lifts. Whether your interests are scissor lifts, boom lifts or other types of aerial lifts, I'm an expert. And after 20+ years years in the business, I've decided to put all of my knowledge in one place and create this web site. I'll break down types of lifts and try to give you enough information to match your needs with the correct lift. In addition to informative articles, I'll bring some cool photos to the site as well. So, enjoy your stay and please leave a comment. Thanks!

A Guide to Scissor Lift Rental

Nowadays, a number of people are renting scissor lift equipment rather than purchasing it outright. Renting a scissor lift is definitely a good idea in the current economic environment where spending a huge amount of money on purchasing a piece of equipment such as a scissor lift may not be practical for one’s business. One of the advantages of renting a scissor lift is that one can get the work done and not worry about the storage of the rather large and heavy piece of equipment that is the scissor lift.

If one has a certain task for which they require a scissor lift and the task is such that it does not need to be carried out regularly. Then renting a scissor lift instead of purchasing one would clearly be the best option. There are several companies that offer equipment for rental which makes it easier for an individual to find a good competitive price for the equipment they are looking for.

One can find a number of these companies online and if one has purchased or rented other lifting equipment from a certain company in the past, the same company could help them out again. It is highly improbable that one might find a company in their locality that deals exclusively with scissor lifts.

Not many people buy scissor lift equipment, they are more commonly used by renting and therefore, one should consider all their options and look at different companies and decide upon one that they feel is not only going to give you the best price but also great service as well. Scissor lift equipment can be very difficult to maintain sometimes and so one should ensure that they have rented equipment from a company that has a good service support program that can assist you at times of trouble.

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